Monday, January 17, 2011

I Did It Again! Last Storage Rental GONE!

It happened, it actually happened. I am the proud to announce that everything I own is under my own roof.

After years and years of paying for storage units, I am FREE, FREE, FREE. Happy Dance!

If you too are suffering from too-much-stuff-itis, take a deep breath and know there is light at the end of the tunnel. It took you years to get to this point, so it's reasonable that it won't change overnight. That is unless you decided just to get rid of everything in one fell swoop and for me that just wasn't realistic.

My assortment was some valuable antiques, interesting collectibles, my mother's estate items and my own collections AND lots of junk (in the no-one-would-pay-for-this sense of the word). And after the monetary and emotional investment in gathering it all, I just couldn't let it go for nothing.

So, I started selling on eBay and in flea markets, garage sales, giving away to Salvation Army and to friends and family. Slowly but surely the piles started to shrink.

And, fortunately I had some items of value that made the process worthwhile. If I had not, getting rid of it all would have been a much faster process.

I think though, like dieting, when you get too much stuff, you're more successful keeping it down in the long run if you get rid of it slowly and methodically.

I still have plenty to get rid of, but now it is all under my own roof and manageable. It's all either in my house or 2-car garage. And it feels, good, good, good.

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