Monday, November 1, 2010


Welcome to the Lazy Girl Cottage! Grab a cup of coffee and let's sit around and think about how we want to clear our clutter, simplify our lives, save some money and perhaps go a little greener.

I say "think about it" because that's way easier than actually doing something about it! Here at the Lazy Girl Cottage we'll share tips, inspire each other and try to get motivated to actually DO something about our clutter.

I love to read books about clearing clutter, getting organized, saving to become a millionaire, etc. Do I always act on the information? Heavens no! But my intentions are always very good.

I began the journey about 6 years ago. As we go along I will share my successes as well as my failures and hopefully give you encouragement and hope as you share yours as well.

Blessings to all my fellow procrastinators. Come to the cottage and feel right at home!


Great Gift Blog said...

I am a fan of Lazy Girl Cottage! Great title.

Buttercup said...

Thanks! You're my first visitor Great Gift Blog. Thanks for stopping by! :)